About Us


MetalCirc is a Finnish company that was founded in order to solve the problem of treating hazardous waste combustion ash. MetalCirc has invented technology that focuses on neutralizing waste ash and recycling the valuable materials contained in the ash. Our specialty is creating useful nanomaterials from the combustion ash.

We are researching and developing many applications and solutions related to neutralization treatment, metal recycling and value material creation from different ashes and waste materials.

We are operating both in the Helsinki area and Southern Finland as well as Kuopio and Eastern Finland.

Read this PDF brochure to learn more about MetalCirc:

MetalCirc Company Presentation

MetalCirc has received funding from EIT RawMaterials in July 2019 and July 2020.

From waste ash to valuable end products

The following image illustrates how MetalCirc:s proprietary technology converts hazardous combustion ash to useful reusable products.


Joonas Jokiniemi – CEO

Mr. Joonas Jokiniemi holds a M.Sc (Telecommunications Technology) degree from the Aalto University. Joonas has been working as a researcher at VTT and as a Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young Oy. Joonas has many years of work exprience in management consulting, project management, marketing, and sales.

Urho Ilmonen – Business Development Director and IP Lawyer

Mr. Urho Ilmonen is an experienced Finnish attorney at law, graduated from the Helsinki university law school in 1980. He has worked at Roschier, Nokia, Benjon Ltd and FACT Law group where he is now the senior partner. Urho founded the legal, IPR and Corporate Security services for the Nokia Mobile Phones business group, recruiting the staff and lawyers, and managing them in a multinational business environment. One of the main achievements at the time were the cross-license agreements entered into with Nokia’s main competitors, and the inevitable IPR litigation cases that were filed against Nokia by the competition. During his time the legal and IPR services grew to their present international standards.


Jorma Jokiniemi – Co-founder and Chairman of the Board

Professor Jorma Jokiniemi, PhD (Physics) is the Laboratory Director of Fine Particle and Aerosol Technology Laboratory at University of Eastern Finland (UEF). Jorma is the main inventor behind MetalCirc Oy’s technology. He has worked many years as a professor and team leader at UEF and VTT researching thermal and combustion methods, ash behavior in combustion processes, aerosol technology as well as nano and new material production. Jorma has a long experience in research related to ashes and emissions of waste-to-energy plants. The related research projects have been done mostly through UEF, VTT and several Tekes(Business Finland) in Finland and Sweden. Jorma was researching waste combustion ash in Sweden before Finland had any waste-to-energy plants.

Esko Kauppinen – Co-founder and Board Member

Professor Esko I. Kauppinen, PhD (Physics) is the group leader of Nanomaterials (NMG) at the Aalto University. Additionally he is the Vice Dean responsible for research, innovations and industry relationships at the Aalto University School of Science and Tenured Professor of Physics at the Department of Applied Physics. Esko is considered one of the world’s expert authors in the area of single walled carbon nanotube synthesis, characterisation and thin film applications, as well as in the gas phase synthesis of particles for inhalation drug delivery. He is the founding member of the companies Canatu Oy and Teicos Pharma Oy.



Our technology is based on the innovation created at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). The innovation was developed after many years of research related to waste combustion ashes and emissions. This research was done through UEF, VTT and several Tekes(Business Finland) projects in Finland and Sweden. The long-term research and data collection has given MetalCirc excellent know-how and contacts in the related field of business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce globally technology, which enables treatment and recycling of all waste ash components.

We envision that this will make the world more clean and contribute to environmental conservation because the metals contained in the ashes won’t have to be mined from ore.